The Acadiana Community

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KLFY KLFY, “Acadiana’s Newsleader” joins the web world with on-line reports on the latest news, weather and sports in Acadiana, along with helpful information for all who visit.
State of Louisiana The website for the state of Louisiana is your roadmap to any state department you need, including finding the Dept. of Public Safety, Dept. of Revenue & Taxation, Louisiana Lawmakers and even Louisiana tourist attractions. This site is loaded with information and roadmaps to lead you in the right direction.
ULL Athletics See what Ragin Cajun sporting events are happening!

Credit Union Links!

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A Smarter Choice A website all about the perks of joining a credit union!
CUNA The Credit Union National Association is a trade association serving credit unions in the United States.
NCUA The National Credit Union Administration is the governing body for Federal Credit Unions. For information regarding Section 705 FCU or any other credit union’s statistics, visit this site.
LCUL The LCUL is a trade association to serve the credit unions in Louisiana. If you are looking for a credit union for yourself or any one of interest you may search for a credit union on this site.


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University of Louisiana at Lafayette Located in the heart of “Cajun Country”, UL Lafayette (formerly USL and SLI) is a top notch educational institution in Louisiana.
Lousiana State University Louisiana State University located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana is one of the many premier educational institutions in the state and around the country.


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5 Dollar Here’s a fabulous website that lists full dinners you can cook for under $5! It includes all types of recipes, and has many options for people who have food allergies. Though you probably won’t find every recipe to be quick, healthy, and yummy all in one, they do all live up to the promise of saving money, and with such a large variety we know you’ll find at least some that will become long term family favorites. Bon appetit! Don’t have time to track sales and clip coupons the way some people do? Not a problem, because does the work for you. There’s no cost, and the site’s operators say they can help you cut your grocery shopping costs by 40-50%. You’ll also find out about combining coupons, loyalty programs, and sales in your local area. Spend a little time on the site and see if it works for you!
Feed the Pig The site is put together by the Ad Council, a not-for-profit marketing company that produces public service advertisements on important social issues. It’s a free, easy-to-use website full of inspiration and detailed checklists on how to accomplish financial goals.


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Youth Financial Literacy Foundation The struggles of the economy have put heavy emphasis on the importance of educating today’s youth towards preparing for a secure financial future. By establishing how to make smart monetary choices and understanding basic financial principles, we can be sure that the children and young adults of today have the tools for success to achieve a stable economic tomorrow.

*Section 705 FCU does not endorse any products or services offered by the following websites. The credit union has no responsibility for the content of these websites and does not attest to the accuracy of any information on these sites.