Meet the Team


The Staff

The work we do could not be accomplished, if it were not for the staff! This well rounded team of 10 helps the credit union run like a well-oiled machine. We are constantly looking for ways to make the credit union better and all of the employees help those ideas come into fruition. Meet the team! Below is a list of employees and their roles at the credit union.  

CEO: Anna Trahan Suire - Serving 705 members since 1990. Assistant Manager and Compliance Officer: Jasmine Dupuis - Serving 705 members since 2000.
Senior Loan Officer, Mortgage Officer and Certified Financial Counselor: Cassie Theriot - - Serving 705 members since 2004. Loan Officer and Certified Financial Counselor: Hannah West Stelly! Serving 705 members since 2013.
Loan Officer and Certified Financial Counselor: Jason Thornton! Serving 705 members since 2017. Marketing Coordinator: Emily DeRosia Beatman - Serving 705 members since 2012.
Bookkeeper: Kaitlin Ortego - Serving 705 members since 2015. New Accounts Representative: Heather Touchet - Serving 705 members since 2010.
Member Service Representative: Cassidy Landry - Serving 705 members since 2016. Member Service Representative: Taylor Fontenot! Serving 705 members since 2018.

Board of Directors

Board of Directors

image of raising hands with the word "volunteer" above themThe Board of Directors is a group of unpaid volunteers who aid in the decision making process of the credit union. We currently have five Board members who have been elected by the membership to serve.

Present Board of Directors
Thomas Colley – President (1986)
Dennis Marks – Vice President (2015)
Brad Deshotel – Treasurer (2016)
Ronald Girouard– Secretary (2009)
Susan Cormier – Director at Large (2015)

Associate Board of Directors
James Joseph (2016)



We have several volunteers at Section 705 who truly help make credit union a better place. Below are some outstanding volunteers:

Credit Committee
Charlene Bidstrup (1996)
Jasmine Dupuis (2010)
Cassie Theriot (2004)

Loan Officers
Malana Lavigne (2012)

Hannah West Stelly (2015)

Supervisory Committee
Susan Cormier – Chairperson (2015)
James Joseph (2015)
Kim Guidry (2017)
Roy Kuhn (2018)

image of a pencil writing a check mark in an empty box in front of volunteer

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! We are in the process of creating two NEW committees. One committee will be to get the opinions of our members presently in college. This will be titled our Youth Advisory Committee. The other committee will be our Ambassador Program for our Select Employee Groups. Our hope is to have one representative from each company that is eligible to join the credit union.

If you are interested in giving of your time through the credit union, please contact Emily at