How It Works

Save yourself the embarrassment and inconvenience! We will take care of it. You will not have to deal with a returned check or the fee merchants normally charge for checks returned to them.
The credit union has your back.
  • We will cover the difference up to $500.
  • A fee of $25.00 will be issued for handling each item paid through the Overdraft Protection Program.
  • This fee will be charged for any of the following transactions: all checks, ACH items, Internet Bill Pay items, Debit Card transactions, and ATM withdrawals from your checking account.
  • After the initial fee, you will have 32 days from the date the account was overdrawn to bring your account positive again.
  • If a deposit is not made to bring the account in good standing, the account will be charged off on the 45th day and will be sent to collections.
Do the math! Example) Your check for rent gets returned. The credit union charged you $25.00; the apartment complex charged a $25 fee for the NSF check; and a late fee of $25. That is a $75 mistake that could have been avoided with our Checking Account Safety Net!
The credit union The credit union reserves the right to not pay items that would cause your account to overdraft if your account is not in good standing with the credit union or if you have too many overdrafts. More details!

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