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More savings. Less pressure. See how much you can save.

We Want to CU Save with CU Auto Link!

This product is for all of you who love to research products! CU Auto Link aids in the car buying process. You can see what the norm is for the make and model you are interested in buying. When you are ready to buy, simply print out a savings certificate on the amount within the normal range for the car you want to buy. You can also save on several auto maintenance services by utilizing CU Auto Link.

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The products offered: (1) are not federally insured; (2) are not obligations of the credit union; (3) are not guaranteed by the credit union or any affiliated entity; (4) involve investment risks, including the possible loss of principle; and (5) if applicable, are being offered by an employee who serves both functions of accepting members’ deposits and the selling of non-deposit investment products.

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