Credit Rebuild Loan Layaway

In Need of a Credit Rebuild?

We have just the loan for you! The Credit Rebuild Loan-Layaway allows you to build your savings while rebuilding your credit. Upon financing with the credit union, half of the requested funds are placed in a savings account for you and will be available once the loan is paid in full. The member can select  a lesser term of repayment on the loan.

Credit Rebuild Loan-Layaway Details

Loan Attribute Details
Rate 15.00% APR*
Maximum Amount $2000
Maximum Term 18 Months Financing

If after 90 days no payments are made, the credit union will use the funds in the savings to pay off the loan and charge off the interest plus remaining unpaid balance which would have been collected. 

APR* = Annual Percentage Rate. Based on a 15% APR for 18 month financing, payments will be $62.38 per every thousand borrowed. Membership Eligibility is required. Equal Opportunity Lender. 

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