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    Order Checks On-Line 

If you have ordered checks through Section 705 FCU before, you will now have the option of reordering online.  It's a great time saver !

Online Services

 Online Services: Convenient, Safe & Open 24 Hours!

Obviously you're a computer user, or else you wouldn't be reading this, right? Well, using Section 705 FCU's on-line services can now save you time and money, thanks to our helpful website.

Our website will allow you to handle your financial needs--from applying for membership or loans to calculating payments and dividends earned--all from the comfort of your own home. Plus, re-ordering checks is a breeze by using our on-line re-ordering option.

Simply put, our online services can make your life easier and save you money by limiting your trips to the Credit Union or the Post Office to handle transactions that you could be doing on-line! And, our on-line services are safe, convenient, and always open for business! So, what are ya waiting for? Read more about some of our great on-line services below, or contact us to request more information and personal assistance!  


Online Banking (Virtual Branch)

Save yourself the time, hassle and headache of having to leave the house or call us every time you want to know your balance! Click here to get instant on-line access to your accounts.


Cut  Your Banking Time In Half with Bill Pay!

You can now sign up for Bill Pay and schedule your bills to be automatically paid from your checking account each month!

 By scheduling your payments to be paid automatically with Bill Pay, you will save time and money. Plus, you'll never again have to worry about whether or not you've made a payment on time...Bill Pay will nix all your worries and late fees! Contact the credit union today for all the details.



                      Online Calculators

You Add It Up!

Would you like to calculate how much the monthly note on that new car would run, or figure out the dividends you will earn on your Share Savings Account? With the variety of calculators that we offer on our website, the answers are right at your fingertips!

Check out our variety of calculators that provide, and take the guessing out of doing your finances once and for all!

Don't Miss It

  Loan Applications Online!

As we try to always remind you, we love visiting with our members! However, we know that your time is very valuable and sometimes limited. That's exactly why Section 705 FCU came up with a way to assist even the busiest of our members! For those of you on the go, we suggest using our online applications for loans and membership. It's a great tool and can be utilized at work or the privacy of your own home with comfort and convenience.

Applying on-line is safe, simple and convenient! To get started, simply click on the link in the title above, or check out all of our loan applications on the left side in the navigation menu. As always, if you're still having reservations, feel free to contact us anytime for questions or assistance. We look forward to lending with you! 







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